AFM New Racer School


The Instructor

Our Lead AFM NRS instructor is Johnny Nguyen, AFM #297. Johnny has 10 years experience as an AFM Expert Liscnesed racer. All of our AFM NRS on track evaluators are current expert racers with AFM, CVMA or WERA.

The Curriculum

 The goals of the AFM NRS program are to familiarize you with the AFM and race day procedures and test your on track abilities ensuring that you understand the fundamentals of racing and are prepared to compete as a new racer with the AFM.

Students should have a sound foundation in:

  • identifying the need for and understanding basic reference points for braking, turn‐in, apex, throttle
  • management including roll‐on point and exit point
  • smooth operation of the motorcycle including motorcycle controls and movement on the bike
  • sound line selection judging speed and speed differentials

The following situations will result in failing the NRS:

  • Miss or be late to class
  • Failing written exam
  • Crashing
  • Failing NRS on‐track evaluation

Successful completion of the AFM NRS makes you eligible for an AFM Race License which must be applied for and purchased through the AFM, fees are not included in the cost of this program. To access the application and fee schedule visit the AFM Website at:

The Schedule

  • 7am - Students report to classroom on 2nd floor of tower building (students do not need to register/tech bikes prior to arriving at class)
  • 7-10am - Classroom sessions covering tech requirements, race day procedures and AFM rules. Written exam will be given at the end of classroom session.
  • 10am - Tech Inspection
  • 10am-1pm - On track evaluations/coaching (students will be evaluated/coached in the group they are registered for)
  • 1:00-1:15pm - Practice starts  (Students MUST pass written exam and on track evaluations AND be grided up promptly at 1pm in order to participate in this portion of the class)
  • 2pm - Graduation
  • 2:15-5pm - Track time. Students are free to ride the remainder of the track day with the group they are registered for. Let's Ride Track Days coaches and staff will continue to be available for coaching/assistance.


AFM NRS: $100, plus the cost of the track day.

Track Day: $175-$190 depending on the day you choose.

Please visit the Schedule Page to check availability and to register!!! 


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