Tech Requirements

Bike Prep, Checklist:

  • Tape over any lights: headlights, taillights, turn signals.
  • Tape or remove your mirrors.
  • Use duct tape to tape down your wheel weights.
  • Check to make sure your throttle snaps back.
  • Check your chain tension.
  • Check to make sure all of your levers work; front brake, clutch, rear brake, & shifter.
  • Make sure no fluids are leaking and that there are no loose parts that could fall off.
  • You will need good tires with at least half their tread life left. VERY IMPORTANT: Check you tire pressure when you arrive at the track!


*License plate and kickstand ok.

*Safety wiring and water wetter are NOT required.

*It is not required, however if you or someone you know changes your oil before a track day PLEASE make sure your drain plug is secure!! Drain plugs that are screwed in too loose, or too tight, could fail. If your drain plug fails and you spill oil on the track, a cleaning fee will be assessed by the race track.


Gear Requirements:

  • Leather suit. Either a one piece OR a two piece that zips together. Suits must zip together all the way around at the waist. No exposed torso front or rear is acceptable.
  • A full face helmet that is DOT and Snell (or ECE-22) approved.
  • Proper motorcycle riding gloves; should be leather and should cover your wrist.
  • You must have motorcycle boots that cover your ankles. No slip ons and no skin showing between the boot and pant leg!
  • Back protectors are highly recommended, but not required.


*Contact us in advance for leather or gear rental options.

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